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More than 20 years ago, Moore Brothers launched “The Courtier” — a full glossy magazine given ‘gratis’ to all customers. Completely unique in the wine industry, the magazine helped support the Moore Brother’s Mission: to connect artisan winegrowers — individuals and families who produce beautiful wines — with consumers nationwide.

The Courtier also provided a forum for blistering commentary on the wine industry, behind the scenes notes from the Moore Brothers’ travelogue, and long form in-depth reporting on food pairings, wine regions, styles, and the state of the wine industry.

We’re excited to reintroduce The Courtier online. In our first edition, we bring back a few of our favorite articles in their new updated versions. David explains the difference between real wine and unabashedly fake wine. Greg lays bare the nuances of one of the most misunderstood appellations in wine today in his profile of Beaujolais and Terry guides us through the best wine pairings for Thanksgiving, plus much, much more!

Notes from the Travelogue

  • A recent layover in London gave me an opportunity to see an old friend and to visit a special shop where I planned to procure a few tasty gifts for th...

  • Bordering on the Mâconnais in southern Burgundy, and extending into the Rhône département that surrounds the city of Lyon, the Beaujolais hills are ho...

  • I'd just completed a two-hour drive from Orly (with a stick shift, mind you - that vehicle would never be the same) after an eight-hour flight from Ph...

  • We had forgotten how much young Vincent Ricard had irritated the local growers ten years earlier when he withdrew from the cooperative to bottle his o...

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Featured Winegrower

Paolo DeMarche
Paolo DeMarchi

Aside from being one of the primary drivers of Chianti’s “re-invention” in the 1970s, Paolo De Marchi is one of the finest human beings we know, and his wines reflect his endearing personality.